Since ancient times, in ancient Rome and ancient Greece, various sports have been very popular. Athletics is no exception. Many marathons were held daily in the most grandiose arenas of that time. Distances varied from case to case.

The tradition continued into the Middle Ages and is still today. America is a country of great cultural diversity. It was the first to take over serious running, as a solution to significant problems.

Timeline of world sports races

World culture has developed in such a chronological order.

Date Location  Name Participants
April 1896 Athens, Greece International Olympic Games 63 athletes/ 9 states
1903 Hamilton, Scotland Nation First Cross England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland
1914 Lyon, France II Congress of the International Amateur Sports Federation 12 states
March 27, 1966 Arena “Westfalenhalle”, Dortmund, Germany First European Athletics Indoor Games Germany, France, England, Italy
September 2-4, 1977 Dusseldorf, Germany First World Cup in Athletics 54 countries/Asia, Asia, America, Africa, Europe, Oceania
September 20, 1992, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK Half marathon world championship 36 countries/Japan, Kenya/Great Britain
July 10-13, 1997 Paavo Nurmi, Turku, Finland 1st European Youth Athletics Championship Germany, France, Great Britain


Special popularity of running in the USA

It turns out that running culture originates in this country. Now there is no doubt and the question of the reasons for the popularity. More than 300 million people in the state are crazy about jogging. They transmit this culture to the whole world.

The 70s of the last century marked the beginning of a new sports era. Athletes Frank Shorter and Bill Rogers set world records in athletics for the first time. Since then it has been popularized.

Issues unite sport and government

The 1970s in the USA were characterized by big problems in the state budget’s financial component. There was practically no money in the budget. The situation was worsened by ever-increasing inflation. The health sector demanded the most.

Expenses in this area have increased by more than 20 times compared to the 60s. There has even come a time when spending on healthcare has exceeded spending on the country’s defense.

Something had to be done. The decision was made to allocate billions despite inflation. The money was put into the budget, but nothing changed. Every month more and more people died in the state. The main death causes were cancer and diabetes. No less serious problem was cardiovascular system disease.

The decade ending marked a change

In 1977, Jimmy Carter was elected United States President. Under his clear leadership, the Presidential Council was democratically re-elected. It was the Council that was in charge of the physical culture sphere.

he new Council welcomed young and well-known talents in the sports and health field. The President immediately set a serious task for his subordinates – to improve the disappointing situation within the allowed resources.

The experts took the task literally – there is no money, and the problem needs to be solved differently. This is where running comes in. Since then, the United States motto has become the phrase – it is expensive to be treated, and it is much cheaper to prevent diseases.

Running is the most effective healing method

Athletics at the program beginning was not taken seriously at all. None of the Presidential Council fully believed in this sport. Surprisingly, running was the most productive segment. Minimum cost and maximum return.

The project was implemented through all mass communication means. Newspapers and magazines were the first. Later, radio and television joined. The whole country could hear the call to run and promote sports marathons.

Moreover, different regions and states held sports events variety. These were the so-called theme days and weekends. A national exercise program has been rolled out across all states. It is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Carter’s Achieved Savings in Numbers

Jimmy Carter didn’t just make running a national sport. With his efforts, the US was able to overcome an incredible crisis. Let’s take a look at the policy achievements in numerical terms.

Factor Sick people Losses per year Expected Savings Prevention costs
High blood pressure 20 million people $16 billion $8 billion $ 2-4 billion
Colon cancer 560 thousand people $ 950 million $ 280 million $ 150 million
Smoking 340 million people 20 billion dollars $5 billion $2.75 billion
Alcoholism 12% of the US population (5 million families) $33 billion $20 billion $6 billion


Running marathons for yourself and the country

Going out for a run, every runner remembers – this is his own health. In addition, it is important to take into account – he makes the necessary contribution to the economy of his state. The US is a prime example.